2019 Notes to a Younger Me


New year resolutions rarely if ever work (nor do diets for that matter!). In fact it is estimated that over one third of resolutions don’t make it past January and most are abandoned soon after, so why do we continue to push ourselves when feeling exhausted and blue anyway? Take a positive step this January by tuning in with nature. She doesn’t push to extremes through deprivation or over exertion, Nature nourishes, keeps warm and takes life a little easier.

So rather than off-the-cuff ‘resolutions,’ why not choose something more meaningful and truly matters? The following are a few suggestions for my younger self - that vibrant young women with big dreams and the world at her feet. She has made mistakes (haven’t we all by now?), but parts of her life might have been a little easier if she carried some of these with her on her journey.


Younger Kate - I hope this helps make your journey a little smoother, kinder, more fun-filled and happier:

  • Wake up with a renewed sense of curiosity as we never know what every day might bring

  • Don’t listen to that voice of ‘NO’ that continually strives to put you down

  • Don’t wait to be invited to make a difference in the world - set your own trail and you will make that difference.

  • We are wired for doing - let’s reframe it to be wired for being a little more often - You will have time to do all the things you want to!

  • End the blame. We all slip up every once in a while.

  • Move your body - find something that works for you. I wish I started yoga when I was your age - I didn’t but have made up for it and it continues to weave its magic every time I’m on the mat.

  • Try a gong bath and meditation (as in lead photo). You will become hooked and mark my words they are one of the latest trends!

  • Find your #HappyPlace - it need not be some exotic destination - just a little corner of your home, a walk on the beach, a coffee with a close friend or a little time on your mat.

  • Delete social media accounts that make you feel inadequate and follow people who help you feel good about yourself and contribute to our world in a positive way. Social media can keep us motivated and in touch, but it is arguably at the root of the majority of body confidence issues today and feeling comfortable in your own skin has never been such a challenge.

  • Don’t diet, don’t count calories and ditch the scales: We are more than numbers staring up from the scales. However insignificant, these little numbers have the power to instantly transform your body confidence. Set health and fitness goals that will help you be stronger and feel better about yourself.

  • Cleanse your skin every night washing away the day's grime and make-up (if you choose to wear it - I rarely did!). Use this mini ritual to take a long pause and let the worries and negative energy of the day swish away as the water drains. You will sleep better.

  • Stick with your tribe: Surround yourself with like-minded folk who love you and make you feel good about yourself and about life.

  • Be kind to yourself: You are amazing so nourish your body and your mind as you would your best friend when he/she needs you most. Life really is too short to spend another minute hating any part of yourself.

Life can be cruel - it can also be very kind and magical, so seek those moments of magic as you continue along your journey.

Magical daffodils bloom in late January

Magical daffodils bloom in late January