‘I am passionate about empowering women, at every age, to love and accept the bodies they were born with - perfect imperfections included -so the real joy of life can unfold. For it is only when we nurture and fuel our bodies and minds that our hearts can truly sing.’

Kate O’Brien

Dietitian, Spa & Skincare Specialist, Author

Born and educated in Galway, Ireland, I followed my dream by moving to the heart of Asia (Hong Kong) - my home for close to 20 years. Through these years I worked for medical publications and as a freelance journalist for Asia Spa magazine, slowly and organically immersing myself in the growing spa and wellness scene that at that time was at the forefront of the global Spa industry. My growing love of skincare and wellness formed the foundations for my role as a Spa and Wellness professional. 

Being an honours Science graduate and a qualified Dietitian, I had a natural affinity for the science behind wellness, so a 2-year diploma in Cosmetic Science (through the UK-based Society of Cosmetic Scientists) was a natural progression, giving me a richer understanding of the chemistry of the ingredients used in perfumes and skincare products and enabling me to write more from an academic perspective.

During my years in Asia I was intrigued with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and at the time there were very few books on the subject, so with the help of Troy Sing, a Hong Kong-based TCM Doctor, I wrote my first book Qi! (published in 2005). This led to my next four spa and lifestyle books commissioned by a Singapore-based publisher.

One husband, three children and an ocean of hands-on experience in health, beauty, spa and travel later, I returned to my Irish roots in 2013 and continue to experience, write and review within the Spa and Wellness Industry. 

In 2016 I co-authored Your Middle Years, a book for women during their  perimenopause and menopause years. A landmark book at the time as it serviced a gap in the market for much needed advice for women during their middle years.

My latest book GLOW: Your Complete Four Week Plan to Healthy Radiant Skin was published in 2018 and combines my joint passions for nutrition and skincare, with science-supported advice and delicious skin-nourishing recipes for healthy glowing skin and a vibrantly strong body and mind.

I have been practising yoga for over 20 years now and recently completed my 200-hour Yoga Alliance (UK) certified Teacher Training qualification.

I am founding judge of the prestigious annual Asia Spa awards, judge of the ASTW (Australian Society of Travel Writers) awards and ambassador for ethical UK-based Yogaclicks .



My blog midlifeEDIT was the natural progression of my book Your Middle Years. Here, as it combines my experience as a qualified dietitian, cosmetic science graduate and yoga enthusiast (now teacher) with my life as a middle-aged woman, wife, mother and wellness author.

Throughout my career I’ve been lucky enough to interview some of the world's leading health and beauty experts. MidlifeEDIT shares many of these stories, whilst also being a platform for interviews with other like-minded experts and to share tried and tested skincare techniques to help keep our skin radiantly supple through the decades, to keep our necks taut and strong (one of my personal bug bearers!), to help us remain vibrantly health in body and mind regardless of what life throws our way and to help us connect more with our own truth so we can live our best lives.

Qualifications and Experience

  • Honours Science graduate University College Galway (now NUIG), Ireland

  • Post-graduate diploma in Dietetics (2 years) Leeds, UK.

  • Diploma in Cosmetic Science, Society of Cosmetic Scientists, UK

  • Fragrance Foundation Annual Jasmine Awards finalist 2018

  • Yoga Alliance 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training (2019)