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If you are ever frustrated spending vast amounts of money on expensive skincare products that don’t deliver on their promise, Kate O’Brien’s easy four-week GLOW plan is a must.

Kate’s tried-and-tested revitalising GLOW plan contains over 60 easy, skin-nourishing, plant-based recipes along with a targeted step-by-step skincare routine that separates skincare fact from fiction.

Your Middle Years Final Cover

Your Middle Years

Authors Kate O’Brien and Paula Mee had a lot of questions when they reached the menopause. While doctors were matter-of-fact and friends had light-hearted conversations about the changes occurring in their bodies, there was no road map for what can, if you’re unprepared, be a turbulent transition. Your Middle Years provides just that.

Combining the authors’ joint expertise, it shows that midlife and the menopause years are NOT a stumbling block but an opportunity to embrace maturity, feeling energised, refreshed and ready to take on the next phase of your life with gusto.

With advice on diet, beauty, sex, sleep, emotional health and more, Your Middle Years will empower you before, during and after the menopause, helping you to anticipate and manage the changes.


Slow Life

Confronted with the rising tide of environmental change, a growing number of people are seeking a healthier way of living, voicing concerns about the environment and sustainable practices. Slow Life is the answer. An acronym for a more conscious way of living, SLOW (Sustainable, Local, Organic, Wholesome) and LIFE (Learning, Inspiring, Fun, Experiences) describe a uniquely holistic approach to individual health in combination with environmental health.This beautifully illustrated guide reveals how adopting the Slow Life is both entirely approachable and utterly essential.


Balancing Senses

Retaining that blissed-out spa feeling long after the spa visit can be tricky. With this in mind, Balancing Senses is a refreshing recipe for making the most of the body you were born with. From detoxing to yoga, from body treatments to organic food, the book is packed with easy-to-follow recipes and guidelines for nourishing the body both inside and out. Throughout, achieving a balance is is key. Avoiding a rigid regime and taking a more realistic approach, Balancing Senses gives menus and exercise programmes that will enable you to relive the spa experience at home, making a transitory experience into a real and permanent way of life.



Chinese Secrets of Health, Beauty & Vitality makes Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) accessible to modern readers in a photographic yet highly informative format. "In this age of multiple stresses and roles, TCM not only helps prevent burnout and illness but enables us to make the best of ourselves and live and be as we were born to," says author Kate O' Brien. Kate co-wrote the book with Troy Sing, an Oriental Medical Doctor who holds a degree in Chinese Medicine (Acupuncture) from Victoria University in Melbourne, Australia, and is an honorary lecturer at the University of Hong Kongs Traditional Chinese Medicine Department and the president of the Hong Kong Medical Acupuncture Association.


Spa Style Asia-Pacific

From China to the Philippines, from Thailand to Australia, this edition features the Pacific basin. It is a guide to the region's healing traditions and luxury spas.

Spa Therapies explains the major healing systems of the area - including Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Indonesian, Filipino and Australian . Here, an overview of the cultural and historical backgrounds of each tradition is presented, along with what can be expected from specific treatments and therapies.


SpaStyle Arabia

This beautiful book draws upon the ancient traditions of bathing rituals, salt scrubs, the rasoul and other indigenous spa therapies of Arabia, to provide an unparalleled insight into the opulence and pure indulgence of the new Arabian spa style. It studies the great Arabian traditions and explains the history, culture and philosophy of Arabian spa therapy, including the ways in which the hammam, the desert setting, the Bedouin tribes and traditional Arabian therapeutic ingredients have all contributed to today’s ethos.


SpaChic Asia

Spa Chic is the definitive guide to the most luxurious and stylish spas throughout Asia. A rising consciousness and desire to integrate wellness with a balanced lifestyle have resulted in a variety of spas and programmes offered. This book aims to enable discerning spa aficionados and travellers to make sense of the options available based on their needs and preferences. Spa Chic presents spas thematically and by country, according to their unique strengths and distinguishing features, including destination spas, medi-spas, day spas, wellness retreats, resort spas and spas with complementary and alternative medicine.


Eco Chic

Eco Chic celebrates and brings to global attention the efforts of those establishments that cherish and protect our biosphere. Urban eco-hotels committed to eliminating their carbon footprints with reforestation. Each featured property is a true testament.