Public Speaking

I am frequently invited to speak on national radio and television in Ireland and also at wellness conferences and workshops in Europe, including the annual Women in Agriculture Conference, Savour Kilkenny Food Festival, Wellness and Literary Festivals in Ireland and the UK, amongst other workshops and events.

With my multi disciplinary professional expertise and many years experience in health and wellness, I am both qualified and proficient to speak on a wide range of lifestyle issues from women’s health (most especially menopause and skincare issues) and nutrition in its many guises, to overall wellbeing, mental health and body image issues.


Through workshops and engaging discussion, I want to create a nurturing space to help women connect to their mind, body and soul so they can become less self critical and gain compassion and confidence. Workshops and panel discussions can also be arranged around the selected below topics or other wellness issues that might be of interest. Please contact me to discuss further. I am always happy to create a bespoke workshop based on your needs.

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I greatly admire the rigour of Kate’s work which, to me, is an extension of her training as both a journalist and scientist. Her objective approach mixed with her distinctive writing style is the voice that the beauty/wellness industry badly needs. When she gives her opinion…I listen.'

Margaret Mangan, Cloon Keen Atelier



Spa & Wellness Trends

Having actively worked within the Spa and Wellness industry for over 20 years, my knowledge on trends is well grounded with my extensive experience and scientific qualifications. Possible topics of discussion include; wellness tourism; personalised diets; the continual rise in meditation & transcendental meditation; where to find the best wellness retreats; sustainability in spas and beauty; back to nature, back to nurture - how nature is coming centre stage - from forest bathing to wild swimming and more; and where the industry is at now and where it is going.


Our Middle Years

Often pride and nostalgia for our younger days get in the way of us embracing our later years. Alluding to my book ‘Your Middle Years’ I discuss how through nourishing both body and mind through nutrition, movement and self care, we can truly embrace midlife wiser and more confident both in and about ourselves. Topics of discussion could include: key changes taking place in our bodies during perimenopause and menopause, hormones, nutrition and supplements, finding our GLOW, exercise and the benefits of finding your tribe and following your passion.



Skincare is a true passion of mine. Combining my scientific background and cosmetic science training with decades of research in global spas and countless tried-and-tested reviews on the best organic, natural, cosmeceutical and holistic skincare methods, I am happy to speak on finding the best skincare products for your age and skin type. Topics of discussion could include: skincare through the decades, skincare during the teenage years, motherhood, menopause and beyond, feeding your skin from the inside, natural vs cosmeceutical skincare, how to find the purest natural skin oils and what to look for when buying skincare.



Wild & Wise:The Wisdom Keepers

Through my career I have been fortunate to have interviewed many of the world’s leading healthcare experts, including wise yogis, shamans, psychologists, Ayurvedic experts, movement and mental health experts and others, sharing their profound knowledge with a larger audience and applying it to my own daily life.Topics of discussion could include: Timeless wisdom in our modern world - especially Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Lifestyle advice and inspiration for the next generation, Applying yoga’s richly balanced wisdom in our disconnected world.



Perfect Imperfection

Part of embracing our middle years is accepting that our flaws are what make us unique. After years of practicing yoga and exploring all aspects of wellness, I have discovered the benefits in simply accepting our body, mind and soul as it is to help us achieve total satisfaction, despite our bodily imperfections. Topics of discussion could include; managing your mental health; how to achieve wellness @ work; Living your best life.



Nutrition for Modern Living

My latest book ‘GLOW’ is overflowing with deliciously nourishing recipes that will repair and nourish both body and mind, while also ensuring our skin is truly glowing from the inside out. Topics of discussion could include: Fuelling teens to flourish, the power of nutrition to create a positive body image and true sense of self and finding our GLOW.