Singing in the Rain


I have long been a fan of Rachel Kelly the London-based journalist, author, mental health campaigner and all-round kind and genuine woman. Aptly described as an ‘alchemist for the spirit’ Rachel battled with depression for many years. Her previous book The Happy Kitchen: Good Mood Food recounts her tale and is overflowing with deliciously colourful mood-lifting recipes.

Singing in the Rain: 52 Practical Steps to Happiness

Rachel Kelly

Rachel Kelly

Rachel’s latest book delivers just as the title suggests - it is practical and it will make you smile and feel a little happier, as a giant hug from a loved one would. The book is peppered with happy illustrations, many left for the reader (both big and small) to colour themselves and it is so easy to read or just flick through.

How much time have you got?

This book is about doing and asks us (indirectly of course) how much time have each of us has to look after ourselves? Broken into 52 chapters (one for every week of the year) it is clever and accessible regardless of your age. With something small and fun to do on every page (and we know that these small efforts can lead to big outcomes), coupled with meaningful quotes and short poems (both Rachel’s own and other favourites) Singing in the Rain is destined to brighten up even the most challenging days and is well worth having in the essential family stress tool kit. From simple tips and exercise for managing worries to finding the positives in difficult negative situations, her words and quotes add a touch of lightness and inspiration - and include a few lines from my favourite Sufi mystic Rumi - extracted from The Guesthouse:

‘Be grateful for whoever comes/because each has ben sent as a guide from beyond.’

Honestly, I couldn’t recommend this book, and indeed Rachel’s other work and any opportunity to hear her speak, highly enough. I also discovered a new favourite verse (apparently loved by Princess Diana too!) which is extracted from a longer poem by 19th century Australian poet, politician and former police officer Adam Lindsay Gordon:

‘Life is mostly froth and bubble

Two things stand like stone,

Kindness in another’s trouble

Courage in your own.’

Regardless of how your life is at the moment - buy it and read it! Your life will be enriched!

Singing in the Rain: 52 Practical Steps to Happiness’ by Rachel Kelly (published by Short Books) is available from leading bookstores and on line £7.99 or thereabouts