Review: Biologique Recherche @ The Greenhouse


Living many years in Asia I was fortunate enough to interview Dr Philippe Allouche and to experience the numerous benefits of Biologique Recherche (or BR as it is fondly referred to), the cult French brand that is finally making waves in this little corner of our world. In fact in my latest book GLOW: Your Complete Four-Week Plan to Healthy Radiant Skin, I refer to this trusted French brand as 'a well-kept secret'. But word is getting out thanks to the work of the excellent facialist Olga Kochlewska at Skin by Olga in Donnybrook (see here) and The Greenhouse in Dublin's Dun Laoghaire, where under the tactile and highly experienced hands of Megan Byrne my skin was treated to the very best in BR customised facials.

Lotion P50

Lotion P50

 Biologique Recherche Facial

It's gentle all the way with BR facials to protect the skin's sensitive barrier and the goodness underneath. Emphasis is firmly on protecting and rebalancing the skin's natural pH with their best-selling P50 lotion, followed by a combination of highly active serums and the bioelectronic Remodeling Face Machine technology to give that natural-looking lift and glow. 

[NOTE: As a company BR is not in favour of the current trend for over exfoliation and wiping away numerous layers of skin through the constant attack of highly acidic formulae and it seems that the wider skincare community seems to be coming to this conclusion too, with todays keywords being natural, gentle and kind.]

No fancy aromas either with BR as all products are deliberately free from artificial perfume, so a perfect choice for sensitive skin and a winner for rosacea, pigmentation and acne. While I love the feeling of a hot towel on my face during my facial, BR insists on cool rather than warm water (as it is gentler on skin), nor is there any harsh extraction process.

BR's Super nourishing Masque Visolastine

BR's Super nourishing Masque Visolastine

All products in the hugely extensive range benefit from a high concentration (over 20% in most products) of botanical, marine and biological extracts which when used in synergy with powerful results-driven technology and massage techniques guarantees optimal results, regardless of skin type. I am also loving one of their latest additions to the line - the super nourishing and hydrating Masque Visolastine that I am trying to include once a week in my home regime.

What makes a great facial?

In my recent blog about winning facials I wrote: 'I am regularly asked for recommendations on where to go for the best facial in Dublin, London or Hong Kong. My reply varies and depends on WHO the person delivering that facial is and what products they use - both being intimately connected as, in my opinion, a great facialist will only use quality products - like us, they want results.'  This once again holds true with Megan and Biologique Recherche. Get there before everyone else does!

Room for Improvement: The Greenhouse is still finding its feet and time should see communication becoming more efficient regarding appointments and follow up. This is aside from the actual therapy (which is what I was there for) which was superb!

Insider tip: The BR product menu is vast and can get confusing (even for those working in the industry!) so take time to discuss your homecare needs with your therapist to ensure you get the best products for your skin.

Will I return: As with every great facial a series of treatments is recommended for lasting results.  Megan is already booked!  

Cost: From €115 for 60 mins 

WhereThe Greenhouse 115 George's Street Lower, Dun Laoghaire, Co Dublin